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Wanted: A Fulfilling Relationship


In this age of urban pressures, relationships are put into high risk largely due to the lack of communication and understanding. What are the things then, that make a relationship work? While there are no set rules and the circumstances can differ for each couple, here is a list of things you can change to add spice to your dormant relationship.

1.Words can hurt more than wounds, as the popular proverb goes, so speak with care. Ensure that you do not start the day with a complain or an argument. How you start the day often sets up the rest of it, so relax and let it be. Do remember to put in a positive word or a compliment, however small may be the occasion.

2. Make it a habit to speak to people around you. Talk to strangers, make new friends, ensure that you are getting across what you really wanted to convey. This exercise in constant and clear communication will ensure that you always convey your outlook precisely and clearly.

3. Engage in playing new interesting games. Role play, for instance, can prove to be very effective in gaining empathy for your partner. Have fun, keep it light and you will be surprised to gain new insights about your partner and see the person in another light altogether.

We shall return soon with more advice, until then, stay happy and focused.


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