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Top signs to know that your relationship is not working out

It is important to know if your relationship in in jeopardy. When things are going right between you and your partner, you can feel it. You are happy when you are together; you support each other; you think and talk about each other when you are not together.

Wrong focus

When you two talk about how things are going between you, do you seem to always end up trying to address problems? If so, your relationship might be in trouble. This is not to say that you should not address relational obstacles. Even the healthiest relationships face conflict and struggle from time to time. And, of course, you two should try to resolve whatever difficulties you face together. But if it seems that all you ever do when you talk about your relationship is solve problems and overcome difficulties, as opposed to enjoying each other’s company and laughing together, then something may not be quite right between you.

Always conflict

Again, there is nothing wrong with arguing. All couples do. And conflict, when it is handled in a way that is respectful, can actually be good for a relationship. But if you feel that all you and your partner do is argue, that is a problem. A healthy relationship is full of laughter, gratitude, kindness, and respect. If conflict is crowding out all these elements and leaving you with nothing but constant squabbling, then it’s going to be tough to build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

Getting jealous

There has to be a high level of trust for any relationship to work. Both people need to know that when they are not together, they do not have to worry about what the other person is up to. If you find yourself always wondering if your partner is being true, then that will be a huge hurdle for your relationship to overcome. Likewise, if your partner refuses to trust you even though you have given him or her no reason to doubt you, that’s another sign that the relationship isn’t headed in a promising direction.

Less time investment

There are going to be times when one of you legitimately has to spend extra time at work or on some other type of project. And there will be times when you will spend time with other friends and your family. But if an ongoing pattern emerges where your significant other is repeatedly choosing to spend more time with his or her friends than with you, or to put in more time than necessary at work, it could be a warning sign. When all kinds of distractions continually pull your partner away, there is a good chance that those distractions have become more important in your partner’s mind than you are.

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