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Top relationship resolutions to follow

In the new year, it is a practice to make new and better resolutions in order to spend the new year in a better and positive mindset and always aim to improve oneself. The same characteristics is applicable to the love life of the people which goes through many ups and downs and the new year hold positive future for the relationship to shine.

These are some of the best things to do as relationship resolutions.

Share love

Sharing your love on social media is not talking about those overly-gushy TMI, overly-gushy updates, but publicly declaring the sweet little things your partner does signals to the world that you are proud to be by the side. Show the entire world about the real power of love and try to be more vocal and transparent about your relationship.

Relationship phases

Marriages have a certain rhythm, and life changes like a new job or baby may mean some major adjustments are needed. Rather than let things brew until one of you has a meltdown, it is important to create space to discuss how both of your feelings and needs may have shifted and remember, everyone have these little things called feelings, too.

Should sacrifice

Putting your partner’s best interests above your own needs at times and thinking like a team member helps you achieve your biggest goal that is keeping your relationship strong and satisfying for both people. It is normal to feel resentful when you, say, leave a home you love to relocate for your partner’s new job, or have to rise early to take the kids to the bus every day. But making these sacrifices with an open heart will make your partner feel grateful and loved.

Express feelings

Both partners crave displays of love and that need never goes away. A recent survey which asked thousands of college students across five continents what they want in a mate, and they all said they wanted someone they are in love with. Complaining and nagging are common responses to not getting enough and a better one is to give more and even when it is done through gritted teeth.

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