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Top movies to watch on romantic date

Choosing from all the date movies out there is a veritable minefield, but you should be always prepared for it. Perfect date movies should have something for both of you, with an attractive cast, romance, action, laughs, and maybe a tame sex scene. You can always cop out and go the safe route with something predictable. Sometimes, the success of a date, and how far you get with her afterward, depends largely on your choice of movie.

These are some of the films to watch on a date.

Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest box-office star in Hollywood and the charisma and screen presence that allowed him to climb to this lofty position is on full display in this hybrid romantic comedy/sports movie. Directed by Cameron Crowe. Jerry Maguire tells the tale of a ruthless sports agent who suffers a sudden change of heart and turns his back on the money-crazed industry.

The Apartment

You can advance your career through hard work, long hours and ample ass-kissing. Or, if you are Bud Baxter in this classic among 1960s date movies, you just let all the executives use your Manhattan apartment for their illicit trysts. That’s the premise of this long-forgotten comedy from legendary director Billy Wilder. Things go along swimmingly for Bud until he falls for the mistress of his boss which understandably makes things awkward.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Make-up sex is just about the best kind of sex you can have. So, imagine how good the sex is between Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s characters after they spend 20 minutes trying to kill each other. That sexual tension, combined with many more phenomenal action sequences, make this one of the best date movies to come along in a long time. With an A-plus cast comes huge expectations, but even with that burden, director Doug Liman delivers.


There are life coaches, financial consultants, career counsellors, and all other sorts of people willing to offer their services, but is there any help out there for a hapless dweeb with no clue about women? There is in this surprising rom-com, and it is in the form of a silky-smooth Will Smith who mentors Kevin James on the subtleties of dating. We mentioned that a good date movie should have laughs, and this film has a black book full of them.

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