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Top ideas to better your relationship

With everything going on in the lives of the average couple, it is easy to forget the small gestures that keep a relationship ticking. The things that is most couples do not realize, though, is that it does not take much to help your partner feel more valued every day. Here are some ideas to better your relationship overtime.

Hug your partner

Actions like hugging or handholding is just as important as sex itself in keeping your relationship healthy. Touching is probably the most definitive way to let other people know you are in a relationship. In the long run, the more you touch your mate, the more you will feel comfortable with each other. Touching is a way we calm ourselves down. Every time you do it, you are sending a positive message to your significant other.

Say thanks

Think about the last time your partner did something to help you out or made you feel special, and then say thank you for it. You get so comfortable with your partner, it is easy to expect them to meet your needs. It is important to express gratitude for this — not just for what they’re doing for you.

Get creative

As a couple, you probably spend most of your time chatting about work, your kids or your friends. Everyone changes as relationships progress, so it’s likely your partner has different interests and passions from the early years of your relationship. So ask your partner about anything you would not normally like movies, music, even what you would do with lottery winnings.

Get funny

Sometimes the best memories are the funny ones. Couples that remembered laughing together are reported greater relationship satisfaction than those who remembered experiences that were positive but not necessarily when they had laughed. Laughter reminiscence packs an additional punch because people relive the moment by laughing again.

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