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The top dating sites

The top dating sites

Online dating service is almost a decade old. It had created a huge craze among young couples at the onset but gradually loosed its charm with the birth of otherĀ  instant massaging programs and applications over the years. It has again revived with integrating many new features like video dating, virtual interaction and influx of many free dating websites in the internet.

These are some of the top dating websites available for netizens around the world:

This site is over a decade old and is one of the most popular dating websites till date. It is a division of the internet conglomerate Interactive Corporation. It incorporated new domains as matchlive and match travel to be part of the speed dating services on the web. was caught up into controversy for using wrong means for promotion.

This one of the fastest growing dating site with over 15,500,000 members, according to internet study. promotes long-term relationship and marriage rather than just dating. They initially did not support same-sex relationship but later enlisted services for same-sex partners and people from LGBT group. They have also launched an eharmony app.

Parship is an online dating site based out of Germany and has customer base in Mexico and European countries. It went live on valentine’s day and proposes scientific base for love and matrimonial matters. The basic features require no payments but has subscription charges from 30 to 60 Euros for massaging applications and more.

This is a California based firm with a relatively new website. A brainchild of two friends, earned an estimated 2oo million as part of revenues in the year 2013. They have also launched a desktop chat client along with an android app. They have won many awards and titles and was also featured in the Inc. 5000 list in the year 2014.

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