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The reasons why most relationships fail

The reasons why most relationships fail

In the modern times, the rate breakups among the couples is much highers than engagements and marriages. A nuptial association between the partners generally takes a procedure of engagements and marriage but they get instantly separated though a break up or divorcee. The present social scenario and human behaviors brought a see change in the mindset of the people and very few persons show longer commitments and are able to adjust with the family norms. A new wish of independence socially and financially among bot the sexes hasĀ  further fueled the phenomenon.

Given are some of the tips to know that yo are part of a wrong relationship:

Get angry

Most of the person have the bad habit of venting the frustration with tin the mind by shouting out at the spouse. This trend is a very wrong one and can destroy the relation between the couples. in every family, disputes occur which need to be saved in a very healthy and fruitful manner to get the positive results and not get violent or aggressive in your behavior.

No attachments

Attachments of some sort is very necessary between the partners to make the best relationship and to make plans for a better future for the family by taking the decision of both the spouse in an equal manner. Any relationship with long-lasting implications always demand some sort of commitment from both the partners in order to make it successful.

Prioritizing nothing

In the present social scenario when everyone has to earn and maintain family at the same time, needs to make some prioritizing in their work on the basis of their importance. While being is a demand demands the partners to give some time to it out of the busy schedule and to stand by the spouse in both the best and worst moments.

Infidelity issues

This is one of a serious concern in the times when open relationship and live-in are getting popular everyday. Most of the breakups in the modern times are happening because of this phenomenon and the level of trust is slowly deceasing among the couples and the situation demands an open conversation between the partners speaking about their wishes and expectations out of each other.

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