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Signals that show you are in a relationship

Signals that show you are in a relationship

People are known to be the happiest when they are in any romantic relationship. Romance has some kind of unique charm in itself that attracts everyone and alters their state of mind into happiness.  It invokes emotional breakthrough in the person and you should know that relationships are never perfect like everything else and it depends of the commitment and sincerity of the partners to make it long-lasting and successful. As humans are social animals, it is imperative for them to behave in  certin manner to keep any relationship alive and kicking !

Shared are some of the ways to know that you are in a relationship:

Commitment exists

Commitment obviously brings stability in a relationship. The more time spend and sharing the deepest secrets with your partner shows a lot of transparency and any form of conflict between the two should not be viewed in a negative manner but will work as the perfect opportunity to know more about yourselves and try to understand each other better.

Enjoy each others company

The moments you share together are the most awesome and the times seems to fly in the presence of your partner, you indulge in lot of fun and like the sense of humor of your beloved person. Given a choice, you will always choose to stay with the partner and dream of finding yourself in the company and eagerly want to spend more time.

You are satisfied

Satisfaction in any relationship is clear sign that you have found the perfect one and wish to make your lifetime with the partner. You have no second thoughts in your mind and think that your life can never get better. The happiness of each others life is the most important aspect of any good relationship and you seem to enjoy the love among yourselves.

Share deep physical bonding

Relationship with your partner does not only depend on emotional attachment but also involves physical bonding between the partners to make the relationship more healthy and fruitful for both the persons. A form of spark or sexual chemistry is necessary for any successful relationship to give it a deeper meaning and rationality into it.

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