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How to get ready for your first date

How to get ready for your first date

Did you ever dream of  being married, having children and living your life with a wonderful family? Yes you have.  Every good thing comes in steps. You need to take right decisions in each stair to get to the success of enjoying your big old dream.

Remember these points and try to give your best shot in your first date:

1. Be on time

Being punctual is not only necessary for your office or other engagements. it is equally important to be on time at the time of a date. Statistics speak that most of the dates get dumped because either of the couple did not arrive at the date on the decided time. It is necessary for both the man and woman to arrive at the date on time.

2. Dress to the occasion

Please do not make a joke of yourself by wearing anything for the date.  You are there to impress your date so do dress accordingly. For man, try a mix of formal and casual. It should do the trick. The woman can get a glimpse of your both personality. For woman, wear something that is attractive but also sober at the same time.

3. Show emotions

You should always show emotions at your date. Speak your mind. It is necessary to show some physical affection, touch or a little nudge will work. At the end of the date, seal it with just a kiss. You should strictly avoid any sexual contacts or signals on the first date.

4. Be different

Conversations with “I  love you”  have become a cliche. There are many pick-up lines that have been through ages. It changes through times. Go for small talk. Ask questions which are fresh but does carry information. Say something that sounds different and is unique and suits your personality.

5. Take it further

It is necessary to keep chatting after the date. Keep your contacts and stay connected. Call at night and make a more casual conversation.  You should always try to get another date if you find it suitable. Get your plans in ahead and make arrangements for the second date more better that the first.

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