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Better your relationship scientifically

Better your relationship scientifically

Finding that special someone is hard. Keeping both you and your partner happy is even harder. There are no guaranteed ways to make a successful relationship. Everyone is different, and the same things that make one person happy might offend another. However, researchers have discovered a few tips that will significantly increase your chances of long-term success. Getting a happy relationship is never easy as it depends on many factors involving the partners and also third party, but a scientific approach to this problem is surely welcomed.

Given are some important factors to remember while being in relationship:

Give space

Spending more time with your partner is generally better,17,18 but being too close can also hurt your relationship.Whenever there’s a disconnect between how much closeness someone wants in a relationship, and how much they get, they’re generally unhappy. They also think about breaking up more often and feel more depressed.

Speak more

The more couples communicate, generally the happier they are. This is especially true for girls. However, how you communicate also matters. The number of times you connect with your partner through technology like texting, calling, and Skyping does not correlate with relationship satisfaction. If you want to keep your partner happy, you need to make time for face-to-face conversations, too.

Do respect

The total number of times you apologize to your partner doesn’t correlate with your overall relationship satisfaction. However, the number of times you apologize and accept responsibility for your actions does make for a happier partnership. Of course, any apology is better than none. If you don’t apologize, your relationship almost always stays the same or it will get worse.

Stay active

Most people report not having sex enough in relationships. That’s true for men and women.However, there are also some people who want sex less often. Problems arise when there’s a disconnect between how much sex your partner wants, and how much they are getting and this will always make the relationship more transparent and also much intimate.

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