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Top family bonding activities for couples

The typical family’s daily routine is often so chaotic that it is much too easy to grow apart. Sure, your oldest son might make time to pound on his little brother for a few minutes every day, but true quality time is often a rare luxury. Although you might not end up swapping your innermost hopes and dreams for the future, you will almost definitely find out something new about everyone in your brood and make a memory or two to file away for future reminiscence and embarrassing recollection.

These are some of the best activities of family togetherness for the couples.


There is a camping trip out there for even the most pampered person. If the idea of sleeping on the ground is too much for you, opt instead to rent a rustic cabin or a motor home for your foray into the great outdoors.


Sure, your teen might cringe at the mention of game night, but odds are that one will ditch the negative attitude once the person in the throes of a rousing game of Pictionary. Haul out the family game collection, and take turns letting everyone pick which one to play.


Whether you pick up a fancy-pants e-reader, listen to books on tape or check out an old-school paperback from the library, take steps to make reading a regular part of your family’s life. Lose yourselves in an age-appropriate science fiction novel by reading a chapter out loud to your kid at bedtime every night.


Many families are so wary of pesticide exposure that they are turning to homegrown fruits, veggies and herbs instead of picking them up at the grocery store. However, gardens don’t just grow themselves. Even if you have a serious green thumb, it takes a lot of planning, work and maintenance to yield a successful backyard crop.

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