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DO’s & DON’Ts of Valentine’s Day

valentineTOP 10 DO’s

Dress for the occasion, it is both respect as well as basically looking appropriate for the occasion. This is a sign of how much the occasion means to you.

Do try to make your partner feel comfortable. It is natural that we feel nervous on our first date so if you can successfully break the ice, it will be a more enjoyable meeting for both persons.

Do have a good rest before the meeting so that you will not be showing signs of fatigue or worst, yawning away during the date.

Be an interesting date. Nervousness is anticipated but try to have some ready topics up your sleeves so that you will not end up staring at each other, having nothing to talk about and frequent awkward moments of silence between the two of you.

Laugh at the jokes. Regardless of whether you have heard the joke for the umpteenth time or that it is a really bad one, laughing along will make him or her feel you are interested and loosen up.

Listen to your date when he or she is talking. Be interested in what he or she has to say, and show your interest by asking them questions about what they like. Do not be alarmed but more often than not, your partner will know whether you have been listening.

Take your date to a unique place for a change. First dates don’t just have to be about going to the cinema, or to a restaurant for a nice meal. You will make a longer, lasting impression if you are imaginative with your ideas and made efforts to ensure that it is one worth remembering.

Know where you want to go for dinner and make reservations. Going on a wild goose chase or looking undecided will hardly impress anyone!

Display confidence throughout the meeting. Being confident will help you get through that first date with ease.

Be sincere and earnest, as you cannot fool anyone by pretending to be someone you are not. The real you will be revealed eventually if you “stumble” and they will still not be interested!


Do not be late. First impressions count – leave early and know very well how to get to your destination. Driving Directions or the Bus/MRT Guide on our website are useful in this aspect. If you are late, you will be hard-pressed to convince your date how much the meeting mattered to you.

Do not make yourself the topic all night – Nothing ruins a potential relationship more than a person who cannot stop talking about himself or herself. It portrays the person as someone vain and a bad listener so check constantly that you do not step into this pitfall.

Do not talk about past relationships – It could well be how you lost the last one. At the initial stage of discovery, you will just be fanning your date’s curiosity and increasing his/her guard of your bad qualities. Nobody is interested in an angst companion too.

Do not forget to thank them for the date – You will come across as someone who knows your manners as well as a delight to your date who will feel appreciated for having made your day a pleasant one. Otherwise, this may also be a chance to end hopes, if you are not interested or ask him or her out again!

Do not share or discuss your own marriage plans. This is way too serious and intimidating a topic to discuss at this initial stage and could jeopardize any developments if they are too scared to meet up with you again.

Don’t get drunk! – For ladies, you will not want to put yourself at risk of unwanted advances, and will not be in the right frame of mind or body to do anything about it. For men, you will not want to be too drunk to respond to your date or lose your cool and stature during your date.

Do not talk about the misgivings you have for any member of your family – There can be people who are more attached to their family. Magnanimity and the ability to forgive and forget are prized virtues.

Do not ask very invasive/personal questions on a first date. Stick to the basics or their interests. Most people enjoy speaking about what they have an interest in or a passion for.
Do not try to tell your date what they should or should not order. A bossy person is undesirable and you may not know their preferences enough to make an informed suggestion.

Do not comment on your date’s appearance, such as his clothes or her makeup. This is very offensive or ego bruising and will usually leave negative feelings.

Armed with the two Top 10 lists, we sincerely believe that observing these rules will help you exponentially increase your number of dates.



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