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Don’t Ignore These 4 Vital Disadvantages of Online Dating

Disadvantages-of-Online-DatingOnline dating has become a very popular trend these days. But is it really safe to be very much into online dating? There is no doubt that it gives you utter flexibility and time while deciding to select the right partner for you. But at the same time, there are many risks you get exposed to knowingly or unknowingly.

Much has been talked about online security and the precautions you must follow while using internet connection. But not many know what precautions should be taken while dating online. There are many things like your photo, confidential personal information, phone number, address etc. at stake. Hence, you must stay alert always. How to go about it? Read this…

4 vital disadvantages of online dating

1. Scamming risks

Online scamming is on a rise these days and even dating sites have become victims at times. As mentioned earlier, lot of your personal information is at stake once you register on a dating website. And this can cost you heavily if such information falls in the hands of wrong-doers or scammers.

2. Typical shopper’s mentality

The sites are no less than an online shopping zone these days. By creating your online profile, you get an instant access to thousands of profiles to choose from. Hence, you knowingly or unknowingly develop a typical shopper mentality as there is no time to go through each and every profile carefully. And this can be dangerous if you land up choosing a wrong person.

3. Not all sites are secured

The major reason for dating sites being the favorite targets of hackers and spammers is not all the sites are sufficiently secure. Most of them do not even follow the necessary certification process to register their sites. Also, though many of them have a strict privacy policy, they may not use standard encryption methods for transferring and storing data. This increases chances of exposing your personal information to unknown sources.

4. Data once shared cannot be deleted

Once you share your information on these websites, it stays there forever. Even though you delete your profile the information may stay on the servers of the website and can be accessed anytime in future. hence, you may become victim of hacking or scamming even after deleting your profile.


So be very careful and alert while preparing your profile on online dating websites.


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