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Best places for couples

Best places for couples

Every couple wants a time for themselves. An hour of privacy when one can look into another and share their deepest emotions. There is always a place and time for love. A perfect location not only works as a perfect backdrop but also heightens the romantic equation between the couple. There are many places in the world which are perfect for this purpose and also popular spot among all couples.

The best places or honeymoon spots for love partners are given.


Couple from all over the world head to this city to pass valuable time with their lovely partners. Paris which is known as the city of love has all the facilities for couples to make their time together in the city as the most memorable experience. The Eiffel Tower which is a hotspot for all honeymooners is a must visit and not forget to take a clip atop.


The place where all the party lovers worldwide make a beeline is Ibiza. Ibiza has the best of both world – it has one of the best beaches where the lovebirds can enjoy their personal time and also pubs where they can enjoy to the fullest with trance music and unlimited boozes. So, after d-day, book a ticket for this heaven on earth.


Visiting Rome makes history alive in front of your eyes. Rome is a big city and there are many place to explore around like the Vatican city. Remains of the famous the Roman civilization can be viewed and the places like Colosseum, Saint  Peter’s Basilica and Pantheon are must visit for couples from around the world.


Greece is a place where there is a perfect blend of the ancient as well as the modern world. The home of the Greeks and has the most picturesque sites like Mynokos, Santorini, Corfu city. The city of Athens has many famous memorials like the Arcopolis, Lions Gate and the Parliament and the famous Mount Olympus gives a breath-taking view.


The city of lakes which is called Venice has the most romantic views. The city where the only transport is through boats and ships has spots from past like Piazza San Marco and old bridges like Santa Margherita and Foscari. The Great canal has couples and tourists all round the year and the city has some of the best hotels in the world.

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