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7 Important Dating Tips for You

Important Dating Tips for YouThe very idea of dating someone causes so much excitement in us that we tend to ignore the basic things we should do for making the date fruitful and sensible. And we realize our mistakes too late but all in vain. We might have already lost the opportunity that could have changed our lives forever and the only thing we can do about it is forget it.

To avoid and ‘unknown’ mistakes and make your date a really good one, here are the 7 important dating tips for you.

1. Be clear about what topics you wish to discuss

This is the soul of your dating time. You must talk just right and specific. Do not confuse yourself or the other person by discussing topics that are irrelevant or not relevant at that particular time.

2. Look smart and be punctual

Dress up your best outfit and be comfortable and confident. A comfortable outfit plays a key role in boosting your confidence while communicating with your date. It also gives a good impression to the other person that you have put some serious efforts to dress good. Be very punctual while reaching the pre-decided spot. Going late gives a very bad impression and shows your carelessness towards the meet.

3. Enjoy your date

Do not develop a feeling or nervousness unnecessarily. It is just a date. Take it as an opportunity to learn something new about a totally new person you are interested in. This will make things much easier. Take your first date as just a warm-up chance to build a good rapport between you two. Do not expect all things to be talked in a single date.

4. Start with a nice compliment

It is obvious that you and your date have put a lot of efforts to look unique and outstanding. So why not appreciate it with a good compliment? This is the most effective thumb rule to ease the tension going on in your minds and let the other person know that you are observing him/ her. 

5. Share something good

Avoid starting your discussions directly with personal issues. Instead, talk about light things like hobbies, education, likes, dislikes and so on. Do not hurry to put forth your expectations. Create some comfort zone first so that the other person is in a position to patiently listen to and think upon the serious topics that may follow.

6. Pick a spot that is convenient for both

Pick your dating spot by mutual discussions. Look to it that the location is convenient for both.  Do not try to push your wish just because she/ he is just a stranger for you. This may put a very wrong impression.

7. Do not share your personal information in first instance

First understand the person, his behavior, his seriousness about the relation and things like that. Create a good amount of mutual trust and only then go ahead with sharing your personal information.   


A successful dating does not require any special skills or extra-ordinary intelligence about handling relationships. Just a good level of common sense, maturity, and responsible behavior will do the best job for you.


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