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6 Tips on How to Start a Conversation with a Guy

6 Tips on How to Start a Conversation with a GuyWhat would you do if you came across a nice looking guy and you would love to strike up a conversation with him but you did’t know how? First of all you should make sure that your approach doesn’t portray you as desperate lady, seeking for attention. How to start a conversation with a guy? Well, it can be very easy if you have the right tips. Today, let’s talk about some good conversation starters:

1) Use your beautiful smile

Before striking up a conversation with any guy, you need to make sure that you have his full attention. Your beautiful smile can be of great help! Naturally, guys don’t mind when women throw a few glances at them, smile and initiate a conversation. So, don’t be shy! Look straight in his eyes for a couple of seconds, smile and then, look down or away. If the guy likes you too, he will probably smile back and initiate a conversation with you himself.

2) What time is it?

Small and simple questions, such as asking him the time can help you start a conversation with a guy without looking desperate or needy. Being a common question many people ask, it can be difficult for a guy to figure out at the first instance what your intentions are. Commenting on the weather is also a nice strategy to start a conversation with a guy you like. Simple phrases such as “it’s so hot today” or “I love this sunshine” can enable you to seamlessly and effortlessly start talking to your crush.

3) Borrow something from him

It could be a pen, a book or a magazine. This is a great and natural way of initiating a conversation with a guy who has struck your attention. If you don’t want to ask him to borrow you a book, simply ask about what he’s reading. It’s natural. It’s simple. It works.

4) Does he have a pet?

When you spot a guy you like walking in the park with his pet, the immediate thing to do would be to compliment his dog, this can help you effortlessly begin a conversation that might lead to a date ;).

5) Compliment his style

Complimenting a guy’s style is a good approach of getting to talk to him and know him better. Well groomed men love and appreciate when a woman compliments their look. This is actually one of the simplest ways to start talking to a guy.

6) How to start a conversation with a guy? Use music!

If you are in a concert or in a club and you spot a gorgeous guy who catches your eye, you can ask him for the name of the band performing on stage or even the musician whose song is playing, this can enable you to get his full attention and initiate a conversation. If you have common friends with a guy you have a crush on, you can always ask them for additional information about him. This then opens up a channel of communication that can then be explored and can possibly develop into a beautiful relationship.

Conversation starters can be countless. Just use your creativity and imagination. Some other good conversation starters would be: asking a guy for help or for direction. Guys love helping girls. Sometimes, one simple phrase or a conversation can change the whole life, so don’t be shy and take your chances!

The above tips on how to start a conversation with a guy are very practical and simple. Ladies who are finding it hard to approach guys can now do so in a smart and natural manner.


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