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5 Ways to Deal With Hard Times in Your Relationship

Ways to Deal With Hard Times in Your RelationshipUps and downs are a part of relationship. Be it any relation, things can never go smooth always. Factors like difference of opinion, personal preferences, mental status, physical ability, family issues etc. tempt you to behave against your will. There are times when it becomes difficult to control your temperament and you speak out things you never meant to.

In such conditions, rather than deciding on who is right or wrong, the most basic thing you should focus on is let the things get a bit easy. Only then will you be able to know what went wrong and understand each other’s expectations accordingly.

Here are the 5 ways to deal with hard times in your relationship.

1. Talk specific

When it is time to discuss about the differences, you may tend to dig out all the previous controversies and justify how you were right every time. And this derails the overall purpose of discussion. Talk only about the current issue and first try resolving that. Discussing about the past is not going won’t change anything and will not benefit anyone.

2. Be thoughtful

Do not just blindly blame the opposite person for doing a certain thing. Understand the circumstances under which he/ she acted the way he/ she did and put yourself in your partner’s place. If you think there was hardly any other option at that particular point of time, then it is better not to dig the issue further.

3. Behave responsibly

Remember that you are just discussing a matter and not fighting a battle which you should win at any cost. At times, even you may be thinking wrong and may realize it only after discussing the issue in detail. After all, all you need to focus on is how can the things be balanced responsibly. You can’t take things for granted if you really wish to strengthen the relation further.

4. Do not be sarcastic

Sarcasm is a weed in the garden of relationship. If you have difference of opinion on things, make it clear in specific and simple words. Do not keep the other person guessing about what you actually want to convey. This can complicate things further.

5. Do not keep scribbling the same thing again and again

When you sit down together to discuss on some issue discuss everything in a go. And make sure that it is the right time to discuss. It does not make sense to argue on the same point again and again just to prove you superior to the other person. It may hurt the ego and self-respect of the other person and finally force him to quit the bonding.


Someone has quoted rightly- Talk when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. Relationships are based on two main pillars: trust and mutual respect. If you are successful in holding these pillars strong, you will surely overcome obstacles with much ease.


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