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5 Tips to Get Your Friend Out of an Abusive Relationship

Get Your Friend Out of an Abusive RelationshipWorried about your friend who is going through an abusive relationship but don’t know how to take her out of it? Are you confused on whether you should help her or let the things settle on their own? Then, you are on the right page. You must be well-aware about the steps you must take in such tricky situations as the conditions are already very tense and sensitive.

One wrong step and you may be risking your friendship in an attempt to free your friend from the abusive treatment her partner may be giving her. Hence, stepping ahead with caution and patience is very important to turn things to better. What are the steps you must think about? Read on to know more…

5 tips to get your friend out of an abusive relationship

1. Be there always

Bad phases in relationships often impact the mind of the victims. Your friend may be going through a similar phase where her mental health may be affected. At such times, she needs a lot of mental support and someone with whom she can share her worries. And who else can understand her better than you? So be there with her for her always.

2. Give her comfort

Make all possible efforts to improve the mental condition of your friend so that she gets more comfortable with her life. It may happen that too much abuse in relationship may make her feel defeated and also cultivate a thought of ending her life. Hence, you must try to make her realize the good things ahead rather than thinking just about the bad past.

3. Do not wait to reach her

Do not wait for your friend to call you for help. Just reach her as often as possible for you and stay updated on the developments. This will help you to judge the overall mental condition of your friend.

4. Be a good observer

Observe carefully the body language and non-verbal communication of your friend. It may happen at times that she may not be able to express everything in words. But you must be able to understand what she is trying to stay. Thus, be a good observer.

5. Defend her always

It is your prime responsibility to make your friend feel that you are with her always come what may.  


Whenever you give an advice, make sure that you have thought deeply about it. Act sensibly and matured while handling your friend so that she trusts your ability to show her the right way.


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