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5 Things to Remember if You Want to be Friend with Your Ex

Things to Remember if You Want to be Friend with Your ExHave you managed to get over the pain of breakup and are now planning to share a friendly relation with your ex-lover? There is no harm in thinking to be friends provided you do it in the right sense and with right motive. There are a few factors you must consider seriously before you speak up your mind with your Ex.

Keeping things simple and transparent is the key to march in the right direction. Impatience or loss of temper may worsen things even further and will take away all the chances of any kind communications between you two in future. Thus, make your moves wisely. What all things you must remember while doing so? Read this…

5 things to remember if you want to be friend with your Ex

1. Think deeply about your motives

Being just a friend with a person whom you have loved madly is never an easy task. You need to make-up your mind really tough to control your feelings and temptations. Thus, it is recommended to think very deeply about your motives and move ahead only when you are confident that you can handle the relationship transformation safely.

2. Give it time

Do not just rush into it. Allow yourself and your partner to get out of the pain. You need to give it some time so that both of you can think afresh about the future chances of being with each other as friends. Doing anything in haste may mentally hurt you and/ or your ex-partner very badly.

3. Do not push it hard

It is fine if you speak up your mind with your ex. Let him/ her think over it deeply. Do not push things so hard that it appears like you are forcing the friendship relation on your partner. This will create a very bad impression about you in your past-partner’s mind.

4. Do not dig out the past

Once you have taken the decision to be friends, do not dig out the past unnecessarily just to justify your stand. This will only lead to misunderstandings and discomfort in the relationship. Stay as casual friends.

5. Be sensible and matured

Try to be more sensible and matured than you were at and before the break-up. This will make your ex feel better and assure him/ her that he has not done anything by accepting your friendship offer.


Just remember these handy tips and approach your Ex with confidence. May be you can stay better as friends than lovers…


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