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5 Sensible Ways to End a Long-term Relationship Smoothly

Sensible Ways to End a Long-term Relationship SmoothlyIt is never an easy decision to quit a relationship. But you need to be strict to yourself if there is no point in keeping the alliance going. The decision may take you through tough times initially but will prove to be the right move to avoid making things worse. Moreover, you may also feel relaxed and independent once you get out of a relation that is not working well for you and your partner.

But the next question that may come to your mind is how to break the relation smoothly so that things do not turn ugly in the final meetings. Given that both you and your partner will be extra-sensitive to each other’s words, keeping the right tempo is very much necessary to lessen the pain of separation. How can you make this happen? Read on…

5 sensible ways to end a long-term relationship smoothly

1. Be clear about your preferences

You may hardly get a chance to weave the relation once you convey your decision of quitting it once and for all. There is no point in regretting later as that will hardly change anything. So it is better to think ten times about whether you are really not able to take the relationship ahead. If you are confused over this point, allow some more time to yourself as well as your partner for things to improve.

2. Speak up your mental condition

Do not take your decision in haste. Judge your mental condition thoroughly and ask yourself about why you landed up in such a hopeless situation. You can always try to speak up your mind frankly with your partner and see whether there are any probabilities of resolving things through discussions.

3. Don’t be harsh or irritated

Decision to quit is never going to be easy to digest to you as well your partner. So control your temper and be gentle while discussing issues. Do not be harsh or disrespectful. This will not benefit you in anyway.

4. Give suitable hints first

Instead of surprising your partner by talking straight to the point, give him/ her suitable hints that you are not able to carry the burden of this relationship anymore. This will prepare the other person mentally to hear the worst.

5. Minimize contacts as soon as you convey your decision

Once you have conveyed your decision to the other person, the first thing you must do is to minimize contact with your partner. Though this is difficult in the beginning, it will ultimately benefit both of you in coping up with the involvement in each other.


It is always better to discuss the things face-to-face rather than talking over a phone or internet. Talking directly shows that you are very much determined and confident about your decision.


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