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5 Sensible Tips to Plan Your Second Date

Sensible Tips to Plan Your Second DateWhether or not to go for a second date is a very important decision to make. After sharing the basic information on your first date, you never know what perception the other person has built about you. Also, the other person may not tell you upfront what he/ she may be thinking about you. Hence, proposing for a second date is the only option you can have to know whether there can be any future between you two.

But you have to be very patient and sensible while making the proposal. Being too aggressive may show that you are too aggressive while being passive will give an indication that you are not interested in going further. Hence, you have to make a middle way out. How can you make this happen? Read on…

5 sensible tips to plan your second date

1. Recall the discussions of your first date

Before going for a second meet, it is very important to recall the things you may have discussed in the first meet. Think deeply about whether her likes and dislikes match with that of yours and is she willing to accept the future you are planning to give her. Only after that should you think about proposing for a second meet. Such proposal gives a strong indication that you are interested in her.

2. Keep a day, time, and location in mind

If she willingly accepts you to meet again, you must have day and time ready in your mind. This will help her to plan other things accordingly. Also, think over a convenient location accordingly. It is wise to meet at a place different than the one you selected for your first meet so that you can enjoy a different ambience.

3. Keep some gap between your first and second meet

It is recommended to keep at least one to two days gap between the first and second meet to let the other person think deeply about you. This will also give you some time to get comfortable with the situation.

4. Do not call repeatedly

Call just once or twice at the most and wait for her response. Calling repeatedly will give a very wrong signal that you are too desperate about the relationship.

5. Write down the points you wish to discuss

It is wise to write down the points you want to discuss on a piece of paper so that you stay quite focused during your second meet.


Do remember these sensible tips and make your second date a pleasurable experience…


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