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5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself If You Are Dating a Widow

Questions You Must Ask Yourself If You Are Dating a WidowAre you dating a widow? Then, you have to be much more sensible and matured while handling the relationship you are planning to get into. Things can be much different and, at times, unpredictable when you desire to develop a rapport with a widow. You have to take each little step with care so that you do not hurt her sentiments knowingly or unknowingly.

Facing the reality and still going strong is the key requirement to go on smoothly in the relationship. You cannot expect things to be as normal and as simple as you would get in a normal relationship. Hence, before getting into it, you must ask a few questions to yourself and judge your readiness in going ahead. What are these questions? Read this…

5 questions you must ask yourself if you are dating a widow

1. How recent was her hubby’s death?

Though this may not seem to be relevant to you in first instance, knowing proper answer to this question is very important to understand the mental condition your dating partner may be going through. If the death has occurred in recent past, you have to understand that the partner may not be in a sound mood to hear your feelings. In such cases, building a friendly relation for time being can be a wise move.

2. Is she a mother?

This is something you are supposed to know well in advance, even before you invite her on a date. You can ask this question to her either on phone or through any other indirect communication like e-mails, text message etc. it is not a very good decision to ask the question to her directly at the first meet as she may feel uncomfortable and hurt if you start asking too much about her kids.

3. Will you be tolerant to her feelings of the past?

It is quite possible and natural that she may refer to her husband while describing her life experiences or a certain situation. At times, she may even compare you with her hubby. The question is will you be able to tolerate her husband’s name on her mouth time and again and still able to develop a healthy relation with her?

4. Are you really planning to marry her?

You must ask yourself whether you are seriously interested in marrying her. If you are not, you should make it very clear in your first meet itself. If you need time to think over it, you can consider becoming good friends first. This will give you both an ample time to create a much-needed comfort zone.

5. What are your expectations?

Talk very freely and frankly about your expectations from her and the relationship as a whole. This will help her to judge better on whether she can get on with it.


Move ahead patiently and be very understanding and tolerant while giving her time to express her mind…


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