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5 Precautions You Must Take to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Precautions You Must Take to Avoid Online Dating ScamsThe moment you sit on internet and start searching for some good dating sites, your search engine will display hundreds of sites within fraction of a second. You never know which site to believe and which one to avoid. Chances are high that many of them may be just fake sites built with a view to earn easy money in the form of scams.

Hence, you must be very careful about the way you are using the online platform to fulfill your dream of dating the right person. Else, you may fall in a serious financial trouble. Moreover, your identity may get stolen by the spammers and may be used for unlawful purposes. So what are the precautions you must necessarily take? Read on…

5 precautions you must take to avoid online dating scams

1. Do not reveal your personal details

The first rule you must strictly follow while talking to strangers online is never ever reveal your personal information like contact number, date of birth, email address, mailing address etc. you can share the info only after you are sure about the identity and intentions of the opposite person. Meeting the person at least once or twice is a good idea before you speak out your personal details.

2. Prefer going for paid sites

Paid sites are usually more secure and genuine as compared to free platforms for one big reason that they are paid. Moreover, they thoroughly check the identity of new members before adding them up to the portal. Being said that, chances of fake members cannot be ruled out but you can always check the identity of the opposite person by contacting the service provider directly.

3. Use search engines to check out for latest scams

If you get a dating request from an unknown person through e-mail, it is wise to copy paste the content of the e-mail on the search window of a reputed search engine. This will help you to make out whether there are any reports or complaints registered with reference to the content.

4. Do not fall prey to emotional blackmailing

Emotional blackmailing has become a very common tool these days to make you behave as per the wish of the other person. Remember not to become a victim of such blackmailing ever.

5. Avoid opening any attachments or files

Chances are high that a hacker may send you tempting dating messages or mails supplemented with attachments. Avoid opening such attachments as they may contain infected files and can steal your personal credentials through your computer system.


So follow these precautions properly and make your dating a wonderful experience…


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