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5 Important Dating Rules You Should Never Ignore

Dating Rules You Should Never IgnoreDating is more of a responsibility than fun. Many of us do not take our date seriously and later on regret for not putting up a good impression on the opposite person. There is no use in figuring out what went wrong and who did it once you lose the chance to make a mark.

You cannot impress the opposite person by just talking good and flowery during the meet. Your behavior and basic habits also matter a lot in giving him/her a chance to know you well. Only then will you be able to judge whether you want to meet again or close down the story then and there. Following certain rules will make your task easy.

Here are the 5 important dating rules you should never ignore.

1. Be punctual

No one likes to wait. Not reaching the dating spot on time shows your lack of concern about the other person’s time. Always see that you reach the place at least 5-10 minutes in advance so that you can relax and get fresh for the big meet. Moreover, reaching in time is the first impression you make. So why miss this opportunity?

2. Don’t lie

You are going on a date is in itself an evidence that you are looking for a stable long-term relationship. So do not start it with a lie. Be very frank and true about whatever you talk about yourself and your future plans. In case you do not wish to answer any of the questions, put it down politely instead of talking lies.

3. Be clear on your goals

Do not ever answer ambiguously to questions that are specific. Be clear about your future expectations from the relation. This will give the opposite person a fair idea about your intentions and your seriousness about the relation. At the same time, do not be too much outspoken. You should know where to limit your responses.

4. Never share personal details

If it is your first date, do not be too much eager to share your personal information like e-mail id, residential address, and so on. First judge the intentions of the opposite person and his/her outlook about the relationship.

5. Be gentle and polite

Always respect the views and ambitions of the other person. The outcome of your date may not always be positive. So be prepared for everything and never talk rude or disrespectful even if things don’t go your way. Take failures sportingly.


Be very practical and matured while handling the date. Don’t take it too seriously or too lightly. And most importantly, be natural in whatever you do.


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