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5 Essential Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

Essential Ingredients of a Healthy RelationshipOprah Winfrey, the celebrated anchor of the world-famous ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ once quoted, “Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.” Starting a relation never takes as much efforts as maintaining it for lifetime. While doing so, you do not necessarily need to sacrifice your likes and dislikes to please your partner. Just be responsible and matured enough to handle what comes your way.

A good relationship is more about knowing each other than just talking about your expectations. Relationship develops in stages and you can’t be all the same throughout. There are moments which make you laugh, cry, worry, dance, sing, silent, angry, disheartened and so on. To be precise, a good relation is about a great mixture of all the varied feelings a human mind can think of. And to handle each other while enjoying all these phases is what makes a successful bonding.

5 essential ingredients of a healthy relationship

1. Honesty and loyalty

It is the backbone of your relation. While expressing yourself, make sure that you are completely honest and loyal to your partner. He/ she may take time to understand and adjust with your expectations but the final result will be a very strong and trust-worthy bonding. Trust in your partner makes it much easier to carry on the relation with an optimistic feel.

2. Forgive fast

Do not keep scribbling on same issues again and again however big the issue might be. Talk frankly with each other and come up with a workable solution. Forgiveness is a vital element of a lifelong relationship. Understand that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes some or the other time. It is of no use arguing on the same things again and again and disappointing each other repeatedly. If it’s a mistake, take it as a mistake not as a cheat.

3. Communicate well

You need to be very matured and effective while communicating with your partner. Change of tone is a big necessity while communicating on varied issues. You cannot keep the same tone and attitude while communicating about light and serious issues. Vary your thinking and talking ability as per the subject matter and respect opposite person’s feelings and expectations while commenting on a particular issue.

4. Encourage each other

Motivating your partner in the areas of his/ her interests is the biggest factor contributing to success of your relationship. Small moments of encouragement are much more effective than costly gifts or lavish dating plans. Understand each other areas of interest and come up with logical ways of achieving your dreams. This will immensely increase your mutual trust and respect.

5. Enjoy together

Be it a comedy movie, a thriller, a dance, a vacation, or a festival, enjoy it together. This will give you a good opportunity to enjoy some light and beautiful moments of your life and boost your confidence and patience to hold each other firmly in difficult times. Such moments play a very keen role in strengthening your mutual bonding and make you emotionally dependent on each other. This is good to realize each other’s value in your respective lives.


Be very passionate about your relationship right from the start. Only then will you be able to understand each other well and show a sufficient level of dedication towards the bonding.


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