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5 Easy Steps to Find a Perfect Girl for Life

Easy Steps to Find a Perfect GirlTo find a perfect girl for life is not an easy job, especially when you are confused on how to start and where to go. You may be having hundreds of things in your mind but when you actually come across someone, chances are you may get jumbled and indecisive. Because it’s not only you who may have thought about your prospective life-partner but also the girl you are planning to date may be having a list of expectations to be met. So, how to bridge your ways and take things ahead successfully?

5 easy steps to find a perfect girl for life

1. Decide what you want but do not be too rigid

It is always good to think deeply about what kind of girl you need in terms of location, education, career goals, job prospects, family background etc. But you must also keep in mind that being too rigid on your conditions may not always take you on the right path. At times, you need to set priorities and compromise on things that may not considerably affect your future life.

2. It is wise to start with friendship

If you come across a girl who you think can meet most of your preferences, do not rush. Be calm and patient and give some time to know each other well. The best way here is to start your journey with friendship. This gives you time to know about the likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and partner preferences of each other. Being friends also increases your rapport and creates a stable comfort zone.

3. Spend some good time together

It is a much matured way of looking ahead for a lifetime relation. Do not run to conclusions merely on the basis of how she behaves in a group or social gatherings. She may be a much different girl in person. To explore more about her, you need to spend some good time together, just the two of you. Take this opportunity to share your future goals with her and also get to know about her plans ahead.

4. Talk very clearly about your intentions

Let the girl know what kind of relation you are looking ahead for. The best time to talk about this is after knowing well each other’s likes and dislikes as well as future plans. Make sure that you have created sufficient comfort zone so as to talk about such serious issues with ease and frankness. Prefer talking on such topics when both of you are in a good and relaxed mood.

5. Give her enough time to think

It is fine that you put forth your expectations from the relation. But chances are she may have never thought before about going long-term with you. She is comfortable with you just because she likes you as a person and as a supportive friend. So give her sufficient time to think about life partnership and do not press her hard on thinking about the same thing again and again. She will herself reveal her feelings once she makes up her mind to go or not to go ahead.


Building a long-term relation is never an easy task. It’s all about a series of ups and downs. At times, even full-proof plans may not work out. So be ready to compromise on a few things and make up your mind to keep the relation going come what may.


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