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5 Common First Date Mistakes Most of the Men Make

Common First Date Mistakes Most of the Men MakeDating is always an exciting session. And if it your first date, then the excitement is at the peak. You get set to experience something which you have never felt in the past and officially meet a girl who is thinking about you as her prospective future. You never know what the future has in store for you. but this does not discourage you from thinking about the girl as your life-partner.

While enjoying this exciting phase, the most important thing we may knowingly or unknowingly neglect is what questions to ask, which ones to avoid, which topics to start with, how much importance to give to a particular topic and so on. This may cause you to make dating mistakes most of the men usually make. What are these mistakes? Read this…

5 common first date mistakes most of the men make

1. Checking out women around

This is one of the most common mistakes almost all males make intentionally or unintentionally. Looking at other women during the dating moments sends a signal to your dating partner that you are not so serious about the relationship and are just trying your luck. This can create a very negative image of yours in her mind.

2. Talking on cellphone

It is another grave mistake males make. When you are with your partner, give her 100% attention. Respect her for the time she has taken off just to share her feelings with you. Talking on your cellphone during the session looks really unethical and disrespectful.  

3. Talking about Ex

Men are too much desperate to talk about their Ex during the dating session. But this is not at all necessary to be discussed in the first date itself. You can discuss these things later when you are sure that the other person is seriously thinking about you as her companion.

4. Cracking naughty jokes just to impress her

This is a typical male behavior. Men think that cracking naughty jokes with a girl can impress her instantly. They assume that she will start thinking about them as a smart man. But this will rarely happen as this is not the time to waste on naughty jokes. There are many more important things to discuss.

5. Dominating the discussions

Again a typical male behavior it is. A man tries to dominate woman while discussing on emotional issues without realizing the need to allow her to express herself fully. This can make the girl think negatively about your attitude towards her.


So if you are going on your first date, do not behave like a typical male. Be matured and sensible always.


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