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5 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

Keep Your Wife HappyWhat a great pleasure it will be for you to see that your life-partner is extremely happy in her life and the reason is you. It is not really difficult to keep her happy and smiling always once you develop a good mutual understanding. You do not have to do anything extraordinary to make things work for good. All you need to do is plan things simple but plan them well.

It is not the amount of money but the amount of time you give to your wife that really matters to her. There are a number of ways in which you can align your schedule in a way that you can match her expectations. How to make this work? Read on for some brilliant ways…

5 brilliant ways to keep your wife happy

1. Spend a good time together

This is the first rule to ensure that your wife is content with whatever you do for her. You should spend a good time together daily or at least three to four days a week so that she gets enough space and time to share her mind with you. This will really make her feel satisfied and give her a feeling of importance in your life.

2. Take her to your social gathering

Though not always, you must happily take her to your friends’ meets, social gathering, parties etc. She will really like talking to your folks and know more about your social life. this will also give her a good break from her daily routine.

3. Avoid bad habits

Bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can really turn off most of the wives. So get rid of these habits right away.

4. Listen to her patiently

It is vital that you listen to your wife carefully so that she feels that her words matter to you. This feeling is extremely helpful in making your mutual bonding strong and developing a very high level of understanding. Your wife will really like if she knows that you are paying attention to her words.

5. Give her space

You should remember that your wife has her personal life too. Do not put too many restrictions on her living pattern as it may invite lots of ups and downs in your relation. Give her enough space to live her life her way and she won’t disappoint you ever.


Whatever the situation is, never lie to your wife. Being frank and true to her always is a promising step for her lifelong happiness.


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