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4 Vital Manners You Must Follow During Your Date

Manners You Must Follow During Your Date

A good date is not just about a healthy communication between two persons. There are many more things that play a direct or indirect role in making the other person comfortable with you. How you look, how you talk, your body language etc. puts an impression on the other person and also defines your character and lifestyle.

Hence, it is vital to follow a few basic manners during the meet. Though it is not advisable to be over-conscious about what you wear or how your talk, you must pay sufficient attention to ensure that things go smooth and normal. What are the basic manners you must always keep in mind? Read on to know more…

4 vital manners you must follow during your date

1. Keep yourself clean

Smelling good is vital to make the other person comfortable with you. Bathe properly, wear clean clothes, and apply a good quality perfume or deodorant. In short, look neat and tidy so that the other person is assured about your healthy lifestyle.

2. Be nice and polite to everyone around

It is important to stay nice and polite to everyone around and not just your prospective partner. How you talk to others very well defines your real character. Keep soft tone and avoid screaming or shouting even if something irritates you. It is wise to ignore a few things at times.

3. Pick her up and drop her back

Never ask the lady to reach the spot by herself. Even if she insists that she can manage on her own, it is your duty to pick her up yourself and take to the spot. This shows your caring attitude towards her. Also, drop her back safely in time. Never ever ask her to get back home on her own.  

4. Avoiding using your cellphone

Avoid talking on your cellphone or playing games while you are on a date. Pick up calls only if very urgent and keep them short. Else, the other person may get bored or may even feel that you are ignoring her or are no more interested in the conversation.


Do remember these good manners and make your date really fruitful.


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