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4 Sensible Ways to Handle Criticism from Your Partner

Ways to Handle Criticism from Your PartnerYou may get irritated by constant criticism from your partner about some of your acts or habits. But did you ever think on the conditions that may have compelled your partner to do so? At times, the criticism may not be as personal as you may take it. Also, mood of you as well as your partner plays a very vital role in generating or handling such conditions.

There are a few sensible ways you can opt for while handling the upright disapproval expressed by your spouse. And you do not have to sacrifice your dignity or self-respect to do so. All you need to do is stay a bit patient emotionally so that things can be put in proper place fast. How to make this happen? Here are a few ways you must definitely try…

4 sensible ways to handle criticism from your partner

1. Think from the perception of your spouse

Before you express your anger to the condemnation by your partner, make sure that you really know about his/ her expectations. After all, he/ she needs you as a partner always and might have been compelled to criticize some of your acts just because he/she may thing that you can do much better. So think from different perspectives. You can also ask your spouse to express his/ her expectations clearly so that you would try your best to avoid such instances in future.

2. Be patient

It does not matter who is right or wrong. What matters is how you resolve the differences of opinion. And you cannot do this by being impatient. There may be several issues going on at the back of the mind of your partner. And the criticism may just be an outlet to make a way for her mental dissatisfaction. So be patient and polite and show readiness to discuss things in detail for a better future.

3. Don’t take everything too personally

It is a human tendency to utter a few wrong words or thoughts when in anger. So do not take everything too personally. Take your time to understand everything clearly. Avoid taking any major decisions about your relationships at such moments.

4. Come to an agreement

Never keep unnecessary ego just to prove that you can never go wrong. The most important move you should make is come to an agreement with your partner so that things can become well soon.  


Act sensibly and think patiently. Do not act in a way that can put fuel in the fire.


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