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4 Sensible Tips to Make the Best Out of Your Courtship Phase and Know Her Better

Make the Best Out of Your Courtship PhaseCourtship is a very special phase of life wherein you and your would-be life-partner get time to know each other better. This is the time when you both may make out how comfortable you are with each other. Also, it helps to know more about the personal traits of each other and discover many more goodies that you or she may still be unaware of.

Hence, making the best out of the phase is very much important to build a strong long-lasting relationship. There are many areas you have to focus on. As she has taken the big decision to be your life-partner, you must make all possible efforts to make her comfortable in the relationship and make her feel that she could not get a better life-partner. How to make it happen? Read on…

4 sensible tips to make the best out of your courtship phase and know her better

1. Spend good time together

Just talking over a phone or chatting online won’t help to know each other better. You have to meet her face-to-face as much as possible so that she gets more comfortable with you in person. Spend quality time together and make each and every moment special and memorable.

2. Make her feel special

Do not miss even a single chance to make her feel special and the importance her presence carries in your life. Making feel special is one thing that will convince a female about the dedication and love her partner has towards the relationship.

3. Explore likes and accept dislikes

It is not necessary that all your likes and dislikes should match perfectly with each other. It all depends on how you explore likes and accept dislikes and develop the bonding accordingly. While doing so, do not force our likes on her. Let the things go naturally and free-flowingly. Do not attempt to take control of them. Else, you may hurt her feelings knowingly or unknowingly.

4. Give space

This is the most important element of a strong relationship. She will be more open and loyal to you if you give her enough space to live her life her way. It is fine to guide her wherever necessary but interfering into her everyday activities will only discourage her from being more frank with you.    


Accept her flaws whole-heartedly and make her laugh always. Also, try to know her friends and relatives better so that you can easily create a comfort-zone with her as well as her family. And this matters a lot to a girl.


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