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Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Gift for loved oneThere is nothing more tricky and nerve-wracking than buying a gift for your loved one. This could take days or a month, for what could be more important and more critical than thinking of a perfect gift? Many things perhaps, but for the moment, nothing could lure your attention away.

What is it that your partner will not expect, yet love as a gift? An expensive gift could really take the other person’s breath away, but how does one choose? Here are some tips to get you through:

1. The first and foremost rule is quite simple. Get the person what they really want. Place yourself in their shoes and wonder what do they want right now and are not likely to buy it themselves. Remember that if you really like something, that doesn’t mean your partner will like it too.


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All You Wanted to Know About Aggressive and Passive Dating

Aggressive and Passive DatingIs your dating style passive or aggressive?

When it comes to dating, everyone has a style. Some people are the hunters, the seekers, and the aggressors while some people are hunted, the sought, and the passive. Some of these differences have to do with your personality, the place you are in your life, and the dating environment in the town you live in, as well as many other factors.

Do you tend to act more passively or aggressively when it comes to dating? Is this dating style hindering your ability to find love? Each style can have a negative or positive impact on your dating success. So what are the positives and negatives of each style?

Passive daters used to be assumed to be women while men tended to be the aggressive ones. This seems to no longer be the case...

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Wanted: A Fulfilling Relationship


In this age of urban pressures, relationships are put into high risk largely due to the lack of communication and understanding. What are the things then, that make a relationship work? While there are no set rules and the circumstances can differ for each couple, here is a list of things you can change to add spice to your dormant relationship.

1.Words can hurt more than wounds, as the popular proverb goes, so speak with care. Ensure that you do not start the day with a complain or an argument. How you start the day often sets up the rest of it, so relax and let it be. Do remember to put in a positive word or a compliment, however small may be the occasion.

2. Make it a habit to speak to people around you...

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