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10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Relationship

10 Ways to Know It's Time to Leave Your Relationship“How do I know when it’s time to call it quits on my relationship?” I often hear this question from my clients.

Unless there is physical danger in staying in the relationship, I generally advise my clients to stay until they understand and heal their end of the relationship system. We take ourselves with us when we leave, so leaving without healing the fears and beliefs that got us into an unloving or abusive relationship will likely result in another relationship failure.

When you are able to take loving care of yourself and make yourself happy, and if your relationship still suffers from one or more of the following symptoms, then it may be time to leave.

1. Physical Abuse

Most of us know that it is dangerous to stay in a relationship with a physically abusive partner...

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4 Easy Ways to Avoid Nervousness on Your First Date

Ways to Avoid Nervousness on Your First DateNervousness tends to develop as the day of your first date approaches near. And it can make you extremely anxious while talking to the other person during the meet. Though it is quite natural to get a bit nervous before or during the meet, it is not good to get so much anxious that you cannot even focus on your objective behind the meet.

There are many ways by which you can get rid of such nervousness and most of the ways depend on how you see yourself vis-à-vis the other person. Hence, self-analysis and confident attitude is very important to let the things happen naturally and positively. There are a few ways you can opt for to make the things happen in your favor. What are they? Read this…

4 easy ways to avoid nervousness on your first date

1. Focus on your strengths

The first and fo...

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How Can New Dads Develop a Bonding With Their Kids?

How Can New Dads Develop a Bonding With Their KidsBeing a dad is the most rewarding, challenging and important job you will ever have.

The way we behave with our kids will have a big effect on them, on what they do, how they feel about themselves, and how they turn out. Studies have shown that children whose fathers spend time with them and show that they are interested in them do better at school, are happier and more confident and have higher self-esteem.

Many fathers and soon to be fathers have lots of love and good intentions to offer their families. They have an idea of what a “good father” is and the type of experiences and relationships they would like with their children. However, like all new jobs they may want to be “good dads” but may be uncertain how.
Children need fathers who:

Spend time with them
Encourage them
Show ...

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5 Important Dating Rules You Should Never Ignore

Dating Rules You Should Never IgnoreDating is more of a responsibility than fun. Many of us do not take our date seriously and later on regret for not putting up a good impression on the opposite person. There is no use in figuring out what went wrong and who did it once you lose the chance to make a mark.

You cannot impress the opposite person by just talking good and flowery during the meet. Your behavior and basic habits also matter a lot in giving him/her a chance to know you well. Only then will you be able to judge whether you want to meet again or close down the story then and there. Following certain rules will make your task easy.

Here are the 5 important dating rules you should never ignore.

1. Be punctual

No one likes to wait...

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How to Avoid These Three Dating Fouls as a Single Parent

How to Avoid These Three Dating Fouls as a Single ParentDoes being a single parent put you in the penalty box or sidelines when it comes to dating? Here are three common “fouls” and how to re-play them and win!

The scene: About 45 minutes into the date. The conversation: Witty. His date: Flirty. Their chemistry: Spot on. So far, this had the makings for a great night. However, Aaron was still uneasy. When would he drop the K-bomb? K as in K-I-D-S. Aaron, a single dad of two, wondered if an extra two would make three a crowd for his date, Natalia, a single woman with no kids.

Suddenly, in the midst of great conversation, he blurted out a stream of disjointed sentences. “Umm…I wanted to tell you, umm…I’m a dad of two.” Natalia recoiled a bit, mostly due to Aaron’s instant change in behavior from clever and cavalier to uncomfortable...

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6 Ways to Stop Escalating Fights With Your Partner

6 Ways to Stop Escalating Fights With Your Partner“We had a bad fight last night. I’m not even sure what we were fighting about but it kept escalating and got really ugly.”

“I don’t know what to do when my wife starts in on me. No matter what I say, she’s like a dog with a bone. I can’t get her to stop attacking me.”

“I can tell by the look on his face that I’m in for it. My husband is relentless when he is trying to have control over getting me to do something his way. I hate it and I don’t know what to do about it.”

I hear these statements over and over from my clients.

Most people, when growing up, had no good role modeling regarding how to keep a fight from escalating.

Most couples fight occasionally, and that’s fine...

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5 Easy Ways How You Can Become a Great Grandparent

How You Can Become a Great GrandparentDeveloping a great bonding with grandchildren is definitely an enjoyable experience for any grandparent. There are so many things you share and enjoy together. All this offers you perfect memories to live the rest of your life with peace and joy. But the bonding never develops all of a sudden. You have to earn each and every bit of it.

Grandchildren may not always be matured enough to understand your feelings and expectations. Hence, you have to approach them according to their maturity and perception about a great relationship. How can this happen? Read on for some great relationship tips…

5 easy ways how you can become a great grandparent

1. Meet your grandchildren often

If you and your grandchildren are staying under one roof, there can be nothing joyful like that...

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Vital Dating Tips for Divorced Men

Vital Dating Tips for Divorced MenThe bad news? Getting divorced is one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through. The good news? Once the divorce is finalized the worst part is over. Now it’s time for you to get back out there and start living again. While you might be a little gun shy at first, one of the best pieces of dating advice for recently divorced men is just to get back out there and get to it. Once you start moving you aren’t going to want to stop.


One of the best ways to spend your time, especially after a divorce, is on self-improvement. Taking classes, reading books, learning new skills and other forms of self-improvement are the perfect channel for your. What’s more, few things are more attractive than you being your best self...

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Smart Dating Tips for Divorced Women

Dating Tips for Divorced WomenJust because your marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love.

Recently divorced women often feel apprehensive about dating again. They may feel insecure about putting themselves “out there” for fear of rejection, or, they may have trust issues related to the cause of their divorce. This article will provide dating advice for recently divorced women that will help them step back into the dating world with confidence.

1. Present yourself with confidence. If you are at a club, a gym or anywhere else where you may have the opportunity to meet a guy, act confidently. Don’t walk around staring at the ground. Be sure to always hold your head up high and smile at people as you make eye contact. This will make people take notice of you, and will make you appear approachable.


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Top 5 Online Dating Profile Tips For Men Over 50

Top 5 Online Dating Profile Tips For Men Over 50There’s a new philosophy in the business world when it comes to presenting yourself to both business prospects or prospective employers. It’s called Show, don’t tell, and I use it a lot with my business clients who are looking to step up their business or expand their career. It’s been so successful — and so exciting to watch — that I’ve decided it would also be perfectly applied as online dating profile tips for men over 50.

In both the business world and the online dating world, people are no longer interested in hearing you talk about how good you are at something. Talk is cheap, and no one believes what you say about yourself anyway. They want proof. The good news is that now there’s a surefire way to demonstrate who you are — convincingly!

What you say about yourself isn’t wort...

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